Esme Allkin
Blonde Pumpclip
The ultimate Boss since 11.10.15, the day this little Imp came into the world.
Favourite Boss Beer She hasn’t tried any. She’s a baby. That would be irresponsible. #DrinkResponsibly
Superpower Aside from being able to fly, Esme is the queen of cunning. She is one devilish mischief maker.
Sarah John
Boss Pumpclip
Founder and Owner
Because she is bad ass and whips those boys into shape.
Phone07825 525 735
Favourite Boss Beer Boss Black
Superpower Armed combat, known for her killer heel.
Roy Allkin
Bare Pumpclip
Founder and Owner
He makes Batman tremble in his boots.
Phone01792 450978
Favourite Boss Beer Boss Brave
Superpower Martial arts master.